Keeping Older Workers is Essential…

When I started in the search business in the early 1970’s, it didn’t take long for me to notice that there were very few people in their 40’s who were working in technology (my focal point at the time). I remember asking myself, “What happens when people turn 40 in this business?”

Today, this is no longer an issue as firms have discovered that in the age of labor shortages, older workers are essential to firms achieving success. But a new problem has been created that few firms are addressing.

By aggressively doing things to hold on to the baby boomer generation, Gen-X workers are roadblocked and becoming increasingly frustrated with their increasingly limited advancement options.

And when companies hire people, companies often make the mistake of focusing on the boomer issue of needing to earn more when they could be adding the Gen-X issue–What’s my advancement opportunities with your company. After all, one of the issues they have is being squeezed by the enormous generation of boomers who won’t quit or retire yet and the up and coming explosion referred to as Gen-Y.

What happens to this smart. self-reliant group of Gen-X adults?

So, as you look at your staff, what are you doing to create advancement options for your staff in their 30’s? What are you doing to cultivate their skills.

And, as you look to hire someone in their 30’s, speak to the upside that will exist for them and not just the money.



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