Group Interviews: The Way to Answer Questions

There are a group of men who I have been meeting with for the past five years. We help one another with being the men we have always wanted to be. Sometimes, those involve personal issues; sometimes, it involves professional matters.

One of the men came in this week and spoke about an upcoming interview he has at a university where he will meeting with two or three people who will jointly interview him (He did not ask for advice but he subscribes to my ezine so I hope he reads my suggestion here).

When you are in a group interview and are asked a question, start answering the question by speaking to the person who asked it.

Since most answers take 5-10 sentences, as you finish the second or third sentence, turn your head to continue answering by speaking to the second person. If the person is seated at a distance from the questioner that makes doing that physically difficult, use your legs to gently turn toward the second person while continuing to speak.

If there is a third person, look at them as you speak the next sentence.

No matter what, your last sentence needs to be spoken to the person who posed the question.

Doing this is much of what experienced tv guests do when they are on a panel show. Watch them, they look at differnt people as they answer questions. Sometimes, they look directly at the camera. What they never do is only speak to one person unless they are being interviewed by one person.

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