Finding a Purpose to Your Job Search Networking

As I write this, I am connected to over 10000 (now over 14500) people directly on LinkedIn. I have many thousand people who receive job descriptions from me, another 7000 who receive my ezine every week, several thousand more who receive 60 days of periodic job search tips from me plus almost 200000 people in my data base.

I have a different purpose for which I use each list but ultimately what I am trying to do is develop a relationship with each person that will foster their trust in me so that should we work together to finding a job or interviewing with a client, they have a sense of me that allows them to know more about me that gives them confidence in my input.

I may not represent the highest paying job or the best job. People will believe me when I say things, feel confident that if they ask me questions that I am knowledgeable and much more.

What is the purpose to using your network?

To help you find a job.

How are you helping to foster trust and relationship with those many people with whom you maintain “a marginal relationship” like the many marginal relationships you have with people on LinkedIn?

Most people try to connect with as many people as they can and then do nothing with that connection. They then wonder, “What’s the point” to having all these connections. The truth is that there is no point to a relationship like that.

Relationships, like those between married people, require tending. They require cultivation and watering. Only cultivated relationships yield results in job search.

Water your garden.


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