Most people live pretty ordinary lives.

Most people do pretty ordinary work.

They may delude themselves into thinking they are important to their employer. In fact, the only time they re seen as being valuable is when they give their notice to change jobs. Management isn’t prepared for their departure and tries to persuade them to stay.

Many people are their own worst enemies.

They give themselves permission to be mediocre and blame others for their professional failures.

In fact, it is the willingness to allow yourself to be a good homogenized citizen of American business and American culture that is causing you problems.

Is it any wonder that many are not happy in their work?

Is it any wonder that American employees work in ways that show little difference than factory workers in the late 19th century. Work has made conveniently boxed by people working in boxes (cubicles). Is it any wonder that the boxes are eventually moved to the curb to be picked up by the sanitation workers (government)?

Then the people working in the boxes blame others for what has happened to them.

They are, in my opinion, mistaken.

Many of you have fallen into a trap that tries to convince you that if you are good girls and good boys, you will get raises, promotions and the chance to do good work. That if you follow the rules everything will turn out OK.

Folks, many of you have made a mistake, but one that can be corrected. Some of you have turned out OK, but for many many people, the strategy has been one sold to you by people in authority to convince you to be nice docile workers.

It is important for you to take control of your careers and of your lives. No one else is responsible for them, no one else is to blame if they don’t work out.

It is important to think about what serves you and your families, what you really need to know in order to be successful, what allows you to standout from the mediocrities mascarading as your co-workers and correct the mistakes you made that caused you to accept the terms and conditions demanded of you by.

For many of you, being rebellious and taking charge is the way to go now. Drop out of the system and learn what you need to do something that has meaning for you, rather than be another cog in the system.

That will require you accept responsibility for your mistakes regularly.

Freedom, that is exhilarating!



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