Do You Blog? Why Not?

Although you may be looking for a job now, it is important to think long term about how to create a strategy for yourself that allows hiring managers and recruiters to “find you” when they have positions that might be interesting.

Why is that important?

To undertand why that is important, you have to understand that recruiters, both corporate and third party, have the idea tat people who are not actively looking for work are superior potential hires that people who are actively looking for a new job.

I know I can debunk this myth in less than 5 minutes but, regardless, the bias is well ingrained with people in HR and in recruiting.

Blogging is an easy way to put yourself in a position where people can find you by writing articles or brief entries about professional subjects in which you have some area of competence or expertise.

“How to” articles are good subjects to write about.

So are stories that explain a number of steps in order to accomplish something like the article I have to the right– “7 Steps to Winning Interviews (People tend to think they can follow 7 things and get the result they want).

Creating a blog can be easy. If you don’t have an exiting website, you can create a blog at as I originally did when I first started to write in 2001.

Another way to do it is using WordPress. Most webhosts offer WordPress for free as part of their service. You can follow instructions about how to install it with your webhost (it takes less than 30 seconds plus there are many many themes (the term wordpress uses for the templates that your site can use).

Simplest is Blogger; better looking and with more features is WordPress.

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