How Do I Choose? 6 Steps to Choosing Between Job Offers

I want to offer a methodology for choosing between alternatives.

Step 1: BEFORE you start interviewing, jot down what the most important things are in your next job or organization.

Step 2: During the search, as companies start to come into focus and you start to see the choices that will be available, make up three lists.

a. What do I like about this opportunity
b) What I do not like about the opportunity
c) What am I unsure about in this opportunity
Step 3: Get answers to your uncertainties and move them and the questions to one of the other two lists.

Step 4: Negotiate your job offer

Step 5: Prioritize the alternatives based upon Step 1 (REMEMBER: NO PLACE WILL BE PERFECT. Some will be less perfect than others.

Step 6: Decide!


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