Should I Respond to a 3rd Party Recruiter or Apply for a Job Directly? (VIDEO)

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Should I respond to a 3 party recruiter for a job that their client or apply directly at the company’s job page. If I don’t like working with pushy recruiters?

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I had a great question asked that I paraphrased in the title: “Should I respond to a 3 party recruiter at their client or apply directly at the company’s job page. If I don’t like working with ‘pushy recruiters?'” Ooooh! Pushy recruiters!
1st of all, we don’t know what makes you think THIS RECRUITER is pushy. As someone who used to work in the search (and I no longer do so I don’t have skin in the game), a lot of people think a recruiters pushy because they reached out to them to talk with you about the job or because they wanted to talk with you about the job. That is not a pushy recruiter. That is someone who is doing what the company hires them to do– locate talent to fill So if you think this definition of pushy is pushy you are mistaken.
If you think someone is pushy because they are yelling, arguing and abusive, I suspect you gotten nowhere near that point you. That’s because this is a person who’s done a cold call or reached out to you through LinkedIn for advice. This is not being pushy. Again, this is what firms hire them to do.
Next is whether you should apply directly. Hmmm. You mean, go through the black hole. Go through the computer system that is designed to filter people out. One in a million years would you want to put yourself in that position? Why would you ever apply for job in that manner? Let me go one level deeper. Why would you ever be a thief and still proprietary information and use it to your advantage?
To me, this is no different than stealing software. This is no different than being a thief. That’s because you are taking information. It is not known to you at the beginning and using it to your own advantage, taking away the ability of someone to earn a living from it. Bad karma, folks, the stated very clearly. It is a very bad move on your part. You are just being a thief.
Should you respond to the recruiter? Yes. If they decide not to submit you, find out why. . From there, if the reason is cogent, accepted. If not, then apply directly. The probability is that they are not there to filter people out; they are there to screen people in because they are not paid to reject people. They desperately want to refer people who are qualified. If they tell you you are not qualified, you probably aren’t… Unless you done a bad job of presenting yourself, of course.
Go through the recruiter who told you about the opportunity and then, from there, if you are not presented to their client, then apply for the role.

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