Everyone Should Know You Are Looking

I sat with John Sampson last week for an hour and talked with him about the importance of networking. If you don’t know John, he is a technology manager in New Jersey who rums a large networking group called MIS Network Associates as an act of giving back (I know, I suggested ways he could make it more profitable and he rebuffed the ideas, saying it was an act of love for all the help he has received.

Beyond helping people develop their elevator pitch (you know, the 30 second commercial about your work), John encourages members to tell everyone that they are looking for work and what kind of job they do.

Can your wife explain what you do in 30 seconds or less? Make sure they can!

He told a wonderful story about how one of his members has being pushed by their cleaning person for a resume. Eventually, the man’s wife told him, “Give her the resume so I can get her off my back!”

It seems that the woman’s husband managed a function at a large employer in the area and hired him for a terrific job.

Have you told your mechanic, doctor, hairdresser, accountant, lawyer, best friend, pastor, rabbi, monk, priest, nun, shoemaker, former boss (gasping for air) that you’re looking for a job?

Tell everyone and tell them what you do!

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