Be Careful With Your Privacy Settings on Facebook While Job Hunting

Early in the week, I was on Facebook and noticed an old friend online who I had not spoken with in more than a year so I thought I would contact him through Messenger and get caught up.

I heard a terrible story from him that I think should be shared with you.

It seems he was up for a consulting assignment with a firm and received a call from the party that trying to use his services.

It seems that he was connected with a number of people on Facebook at the potential client who then decided to dig a little deeper to get a feel for him prior to using it services.

One of the things they found was a photo that they judged inappropriate (I won’t go into details because what is inappropriate to some is fine with others) and it was causing them to have second thoughts about his judgement and using his services.

Imagine being in a job search, interviewing for weeks, feeling like you’re about to receive a job offer when someone goes to Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Google or LinkedIn and with very little effort finds something questionable about you?

Firms ARE looking at all sorts of publicly available information when deciding to hire someone.

Don’t make it easy for them to disqualify you.

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