Your Big Game

Originally published on LinkedIn 10/4/2015


If you looked at your life as a game, what would your “big game” be?

Judging by the response I hear from people, this is an extremely provocative question.


“What do you mean?

“My life as a game? No. My life is serious.”

“What do you mean, ‘my big game?”


There are many more but you get the idea.

People like to think seriously about their lives, rather than think of it as a game.

Yet for most I speak with, their lives aren’t working in some way. All of their serious efforts to make change haven’t offered the results they wanted and their response is indicative of that.

They want what they want in their way and that involves “hard work.”






And all that hard work isn’t working.

All that sucking it up and willpower isn’t working most of the time.


And don’t get me wrong. It may work for a while, but for most people long term results are disappointing.


The missing ingredient for most people is support . . . and that doesn’t guaranty anything but gives you a far better chance of being successful.

Now support isn’t good enough without focus and clarity about the objective, getting clear about incremental steps,  monitoring the short term objectives to understand whether they are met, understand the challenges faced (or faced down) and taking additional steps forward.

Now a friend can be a worthy individual to provide that support but I’ve also found that people do better on their proscribed path if they pay for services. Without having “skin the game,” often people turn their conversations with friends into whining sessions, rather than something useful.


There a e steps you can take each day to affect change but without clarity and commitment, you will take yourself around in circles, failing to get the results you (desperately) want.


Hire someone to coach you.

Great athletes in all sports have coaches who can see things they can’t.

What do they know you don’t?


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