Where Fear Lives

Too often, people keep yielding ground to their fears until their universe becomes tiny. What we do you to give into fear?


What’s scaring you? What’s keeping you from having the life that you want?

How did you find yourself in your current circumstances where you know you could be doing things differently, know you could be more effective and know you could have a happier career/relationship/life … Whatever it is. What’s keeping you playing smaller. Let’s see where your fear is?

Fear often shows up in very subtle ways. I was in class last night and we were talking about fear. I kept feeling this knot in my body as I was consciously thinking about being afraid.

I could see how, at times, it is kept me from being effective. At times, it has kept me from being successful and encouraged me to play safe, like staying in the comfort zone.

The comfort zone is OK but, frankly, in my mind, I want to be expanding mine.  Don’t you? Don’t you want to start moving up against your fear and moving outward so you not as confined in a small place as you might currently be?

There was a story I heard many years ago in my early involvement with the mankind project that involves lions hunting gazelle. The story starts off with the fact that Giselle are much faster than lions have created a system to hunt them. Even old lions are involved in the hunt.

As the story goes, old lions hide in the place where they cannot be seen and the young lions chase the gazelle in the direction of the old lions. Just at the point that the gazelle are right up on top of the old lions, they stand up and roar powerfully. The gazelle are terrified and turn around and run right back into the teeth of the young lions who kill them and eat them. If the gazelle and run in the direction of the roar, they would easily outrun the old lions and lived. Instead their fear because there death.

Where are you turning around and running away from your fear and into the teeth of mediocrity, being ordinary and settling for less in your life?

Often the best way to get through this is with coaching. I’d love to coaching but if you prefer, there are wonderful people out there who, I’m sure, can help you as well.

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