Two Things to Do Today

Your job search may be among your most important priorities but, to others, it isn’t.

When was the last time you checked in with people you knew to remind them that you were looking for a new job? When was the last time you reminded them of what you do?

Make a call or two today.


Networking with new people requires putting yourself in a position where others know of you and what you do. As someone said to me last week, most LinkedIn  connections are useless. As I reminded them, they are useless if most of your connections are people who you have no relationship with and you expect them to do things for you.

Send periodic messages to your contacts telling them what you do and how they can help you. Ask them to tell you and what they do and how you can help them. Offer to forward connection requests for them. Most won’t take you up on it but you’ll be able to take ask them.

The groups on LinkedIn have replaced groups on Yahoo and Google as places for useful online interaction. Find groups that fit what you do professionally, join and become involved. Be seen as knowledgeable or even an expert to further your personal and professional brand.

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