Running Your Career Like a Business

I received an email from Rod Colon, the Founder and CEO or “Empowering Today’s Professionals, that I thought was an excellent reminder for professionals about how to think about their career.

Most people put their trust and the health of their careers in their employer’s hands and that is foolish. You see, your employer has their interests at heart and those of their stockholders. You are somewhat lower on their list of priorities. Thus, when things become tough for them, they do what is right for themselves and their business and make staff cuts that often release people into the job market whose skills may not transfer well to other employers.

Rod offers some great suggestions for how to think of your career:

1. Think, speak, and act like a business owner because you are one … you own your career.

2. As the CEO of your career, you are in control, it’s your move. You assume full responsibility.

3. Take charge of your career not just for yourself, but for your Personal Board of Directors.

4. Adopt mental toughness and a “positive mental attitude” in everything you do as a CEO of ME, Inc. Don’t just think it – do it! Do not outsource or delegate your career management to another entity.

5. Master the art of small talk and start making connections.

6. Never forget that solid, effective networking is always built on trust and reciprocity. If you understand and value both, there’s no end to the growth of your network and career.

7. Vigorously build and track your network.

8. Networking is smart business – build your network before you need it.

9. Protect your networking connectors and appreciate your networking advocates.

10. Be completely familiar with your own skills and talents (Build Your Brand).

11. Remember: Benefits Always Trump Features … You need to give people motivation if you want them to help you. You need to sell the benefit.

12. The combination of a top-notch value proposition and extraordinary networking will get you to your desired career goals.

Thinking in this manner will go a long way toward helping you avoid the valleys that happen to too many people and help you never find yourself out of work. © 2012 all rights reserved.

Rod Colon is the author of “Winning the Race for 21st Century Jobs.