Respecting Recruiters Part 2

I previously wrote an article called “Respecting Recruiters.”

It began with me saying that I strive for excellence, not perfection. No matter what I do, there will be people who will criticize and complain that I am incompetent because I have failed to find work for them, even though they are not paying me to find work for them (employers are paying me to find new employees for them) and even though I try to communicate with everyone with advice, tips, and information.

This Friday, prior to the holiday weekend, I received a resume of someone I was interested in but because I was leaving for the weekend, sent a quick note asking a few questions. I had a lot to take care of before going away.

The response I received was, “Call me.”

Now I must admit, I was annoyed. How tough is it to write why you’re looking for a job, what your compensation was and where you’ve been on interviews.

I wrote back saying my day was complicated and could he respond.

The response told me a lot about the person– “If u don’t have time to call instead of text cause your day is complicate . What company will do business with you. Not me.”

I presume he was using his phone to text a reply so I am not concerned about spelling.

It was the disrespect for another professional.

I don’t know what your experience is with other recruiters; from what I hear, few have good experiences to report.

What I do know is that this person let me know how disconnected they are from reality (Drop everything. I am important. Your schedule doesn’t matter. Only I do) and these are qualities my clients loathe when hiring leaders.

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