Offer Letters

It never fails.

At least once a year someone walks over to me and starts up a conversation with me.

“Did (my wife/husband, friend, uncle, aunt) call you?

“The long and the short of it is they went on an interview, filled out all the paperwork and received a job offer. They accepted the offer and gave notice to their job(s).”

“The day before they called up to find out what time to be in at work on Monday and were told, ‘Gee, we just met with our accountant and he told us we should be laying off people and not hiring someone so we can’t bring you on board right now.'”

“What can I do?”

I then ask, “Did you have the job offer in writing?”


“Well, without proof, if I were you, I would turn around and apologize and tell your current boss that you made a terrible mistake and would like your job back.”

“But . . . ”

“No ‘buts.’ No letter. No proof.”

In case you’re wondering,  always get the job offer in writing. Even if an agent is representing you, the agent is generally being paid by the employer and works for them and not for you (There are exceptions to this rule)

Get it in writing!


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