No B. S. Job Search Advice: Changing Up

I often like to write from my own experience when I write for you. This article is no different.

It stems from my decision to launch a new podcast show on

You see, I have been doing recruiting for more than 40 years. After recruiting for this long, I started to feel a stagnant in my work.

All day long, I read resumes off a screen who in no way fit what my clients are looking for, speak with a few people (two weeks ago, I arrived on Monday to more than 168 resumes; by the end of the day, I had recrived another 138; of all those resumes, only two fit what my clients were looking for).

Out of the blue, I received an invitation to do a new podcast show where I interview guests about different elements of job search. I hemmed and hawed about doing it and decided to go forward and do it.

It has completely invigorated me again.

As much effort as I put into so many things that seem secondary to my primary work as a headhunter, I apparently need a change of pace from time to time and do related things creatively.

My coaching practice has blossomed; I have become a PrestoExperts career and job search expert fielding requests for my thoughts regularly.

All of which has helped to help me make my work more enjoyable.

What can you do to “change up” your work or “change up” your job search to make it more interesting like I’ve done with.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that one week into a job change that you abandon tried and true methods. You need to sharpen your skills.

But for those of you who are “grinding along,” finding a way to add to your game with something a little different may make all the difference to you like it has to me.

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