Marketing Yourself Can Make a Difference

One of the core beliefs in the United States is that if you work hard and do a good job, you will get ahead. Putting aside the obvious error of this belief for those hindered by racism, sexism, religious bigotry, homophobia and age-ism, most people grow to learn that this core value does not always ring true.

Putting your nose to the grindstone and working hard is appreciated and valued to a degree, but I’ve found that the person who gets ahead, isn’t always the smartest or doesn’t work the hardest  …  although those are two terrific qualities to have. People get ahead by being alert to opportunity. Sometimes those are internal to an organization. More often than not, they are external.


“But I don’t have time or interest in always looking for a job. I’m busy doing my current job and then I go home and want to spend time with my family and just have some fun.”


Would you be interested if I told you that job offers could arrive at your door with only a little periodic effort on your part? What if I told you that getting these jobs would probably be easier and pay you more because the people contacting you will have heard of you and see you as an expert?

This can happen using a few simple techniques.

  1. Blog about your experience and successes. Get your experience on to the web where others can find it.
  1. Become a public speaker on a subject. Conferences are held all over the country that focus on different things – technology, accounting principles, web design, a million things. Join an organization that you are interested in, get involved and become a speaker.
  1. Write a book or record an audio on a subject. Sell it on your website, on Amazon or through traditional channels.


I have found many people this way and helped them land their next job with far less effort.


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