Job Search HQ: Finding an Ally in Jeff Altman

Job hunting may be one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face in your life; you’ll need an ally to help you through it—an ally that can guide you through the process, improve your skills, and build your confidence.

This is what Jeff Altman offers: an ally in your search for a satisfying career. A recruiter and successful coach for more than 40 years, Jeff is the go-to guy for people having difficulties with their job search. He’s helped people with a myriad of job problems, from fixing LinkedIn profiles to pitching for a higher salary during negotiations. He’s written eight books on job hunting and is called “The Big Game Hunter” in Ashville, North Carolina.

His new project,, features articles, videos, podcasts, books, and guides Jeff has made throughout his career.

Jeff says:

“Once you join, you have access to a ton of resources PLUS you can ask me questions about job hunting so you don’t make “amateurish mistakes.” In addition, resume and LinkedIn profile critiques are discounted as are coaching sessions with me.”

If you’ve yet to join Jeff’s new website, read some of his advice that he shared with the Federal Resume Writer blog: