Job Fairs: Avoid the Cattle Call

It seems like every week, an ad appears for a job fair offering hope to unemployed people that they will get a job. Sometimes, tv news camera crew show the lines outside of people who want a job and hope it lies within the walls of that ballroom or convention center.

Yet the truth is that no one will be hired that day, you will be asked to hand your resume to someone who will put it in a pile with several hundred or several thousand others, you will try to get a few seconds with a recruiter who will trying to get away because there are 20 other people trying to get a few seconds of their time too . . . and that isn’t the worst part. That can happen months later.

A few months later, a recruiter hears about a new job at a firm that attended the fair so they email your resume or try to immediately engage the client top talk about you.

The firm looks your name up in their handy dandy applicant tracking system, sees it, says, “We know that person,” but because they are too busy, never calls you.

A remember: The employer knew about the job and did not search their applicant tracking system for leads. They did not call you or blast out an email. The third party recruiter heard the job description, tried to submit you, was declined the referral and the employer still did not call you because of being too busy and unmotivated (most corporate recruiters do not receive any bonus per hire so they are not going to go the extra mile to call you at night).

You are left in limbo without an interview all because cost conscious employers use applicant tracking systems to lower the expense of agency fees without doing the follow up work of contacting potential employees.

And this is not unusual. It happens every day.

So don’t make your job hunting more difficult than it already is.


©2011 All rights reserved Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter