“I Know We’ve Made a Job Offer to You. But Things Have Changed and We’re Rescinding the Offer”

Imagine receiving this phone call or email:

“Hi! This is a hard call for us to make but . . . yes, we know we’ve made a job offer to you but things have changed and, uh, we need to rescind the job offer. We understand that you resigned your job and made plans to join our company but, like I said, our circumstances have changed. Good luck!”

How about this one:

“Hi! We understand that you’ve been working for our company for three weeks and we’ve decided that, even though you’re a terrific performer doing a great job for us, we’ve decided to go a different direction. Friday will be your last day.”

I suspect you might feel shocked, angry and hurt all at once.

“Why did you hire me if you were considering ending the function?”

“I’m out of work now because you didn’t plan properly? I’m suing you for damages. You’ll pay for whatever income I lose because of this!”

So let me ask you this:

Why do so many people think it is OK to back out of a job offer or, even worse, start a job and quit a week or two later because “things have changed” or “something better” has shown up? Didn’t that something better exist while you were interviewing?

Of course it did and you were dishonest. You can rationalize things as much as you like but understand this: You gave your word and they made plans because they trusted you. You betrayed them and screwed them (I apologize if my language offends you). They did nothing wrong but you did.

One of the things about being responsible orabout being an adult is accepting that we make choices that affect others.

Had they done this to you, you would have been furious and lost a lot of money in lost wages.

You cannot consider yourself a professional if you calmly go about doing this to others.


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