Headhunting Your Next Job

When I started my ezine, I did so because I understood that I could only do so much to concretely help someone find a job with a client of mine. My clients want people with certain backgrounds at certain times and unless we have the right timing, your excellent experience may not be useful to them.

So now let’s look at some simple strategies to help you that may not be obvious to you:

1) Develop good professional relationships with people in other departments . When you have an opportunity to connect with someone in another department or group, don’t just treat it as a one time occurrence; use it as a springboard to a good connection taht may result in being introduced to or being hired by your next employer.

2) Get to know the right people . This one is related to the first. people with VP or better job titles may be able to hire you or influence those who can hire you.

3) When people give their notice, make sure to get their personal email address and home numbers. These people are your reference. Your introductions to managers at a new company. People who know you and can recommend you. You need to know multiple ways to connect with them in the future.

4) Cultivate a relationship with an experienced recruiter. I’m biased here. I have 30+ years experience. I have a brain and ethics. Most 24 year olds don’t have any of those things. There are some people, particularly managers who I only hear from when they are fired. Otherwise, I’m treated like vermin. There are people with whom I’ve had contact for years and have hustled to help them get re-positioned because I understand them. And it doesn’t take a lot of time. A five minute call out of the blue once a year goes a long way in my book.

5) Line up your network on the social network sites like Linked In. It’s too late to wait until the last minute.


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