Google+ and Your Job Search

Are you one of the millions of people who have signed up for Google+?

If you are, you have seen what has the potential for being a power communications platform that can be incorporated into a job search.

G+ can already be incorporated into your search.

1. Create Circles

Circles are one of G+’s additions to social networking. It is the idea of creating small; (or eventually) large groups of people who you want to tell about certain aspects of your lilfe, work or share information with. Google offers Friends, Acquaintances, Family and a few others.

Create them for colleagues at work because, you kinow, they will eventually change jobs and this will let you stay in contact with them easily (even if they are not on G+, Google emails them).

2. Huddles

Huddles is a video chat service that lets you create adhoc chats. I think of this is a great collaboration tool for job hunters to support one another. Imagine there are four of you who meet at a networking event who want to stay in contact and support one another. Create a huddle for these four, meet online regularly and create a mini networking/support group with one another between meetings of your bigger group.

3. Sparks

Although Google+ initially offers Sparks around a few categories, you can create Sparks around different topics of interest for you. Sparks will deliver information on those topics to you. It’s like having a mini RSS feed or mini news service available to you.

Tools like G+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are tools to help you, not just during your current job search for the next one and the one after that. Like investing money, it can become a long term asset that can support you for years to come if you take the time to make regular deposits.

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