Get Your Recruiting Process Tightened NOW!

It is very easy to develop bad habits. I exercise at least four days a week, running more than three miles on a treadmill as part of my routine but often eat too much because I have developed a bad habit.

During slow economic times when less hiring is going on, the bad habit that often occurs are bad manners and difficulty making a decision.

For example, someone told me a story of being kept waiting for a half hour . . . that’s not so bad except the interviewer’s office was within site of the applicant who could see him reading a newspaper.

When the receptionist explained that Mr. So and So was on a conference call, a message was sent to the applicant about what is tolerated by this employer as being acceptable behavior.

Difficulty making a decision is another form of rudeness.

If you are not sure, ask questions until you are. If you remain unsure, then reject and find someone for whom you can be sure.

Be clear with job applicants that they have not done a sufficient job of representing their skills as being sufficient and be prepared to answer the question, “Where was the deficient as far as you are concerned?”

Continuing to hold on to applicants as being under consideration when the really aren’t offers hope when none should exist and fails to give the manager the opportunity to become clearer about what they are really looking for.

Finally, it should go without saying that managers should be alert as to how latent bias may influence their decision-making and be encouraged to correct it before an activist administration makes an example of you and your company


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