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Many years ago, a friend of mine was an assistant vice president running a department in a bank that has since been acquired. He felt roadblocked by his boss and asked for some advice. “I don’t hate my job,” he said. “I have a good team supporting me but I know I’m not going anywhere here. I want to explore alternatives, but not aggressively.”

The strategy offered was simple. “Become an expert. Start writing for trade publications; become a public speaker. The calls will come.”

When I heard from him ten years later, he had changed jobs three times  —  once to another bank as a VP; then to a management consulting firm as a partner; and finally, on his last stop before retirement, back to banking at a salary of $750,000 a year with a two-year guarantee.

For years, savvy job hunters have been using trade publications in order to be found for new positions. They write articles that brand them as experts in their disciplines and wait for calls to come. They will be public speakers; they will write for trade publications; they are published regularly. You can Google their name and get results.

Some professions lend themselves easily to this strategy — finance and technology are two obvious ones. But what can you do to be found?

Do you have a personal website yet?

Do you blog on a subject?

Have you ever sent out a press release on a subject in your area of expertise?

For managers, do you have a press kit that you might send to the media to be interviewed?

Have you ever developed a mailing list or e-mailing list where you could send announcements of significant accomplishments?

If you search my name on Google, this is what you’ll find. It is not ideal, but I’m number four with the comedian of the same name getting most of the attention. If you search “Jeff Atman” AND recruiter, you’ll find me immediately. Same with Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.

Be creative and start to look at the press, the web and the public as a gateway to your next job, and not just job boards.

One day, a call may come that leads you to your next job.


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