Did You Know There Was Free Job Posting on LinkedIn?

There are three ways to place job ads on LinedIn.

The first way is if you click on their jobs tab and place an ad. A single ad is $195. If you purchase a bundle of 5 ads, the cost per ad is reduced to $145; if you purchase a bundle for 10 ads, they reduce it to $115.

Not bad . . . but not free.

The second way is free and pretty good (I’ll explain why in a second).

If you go to Facebook, there is a free application there called icims. It is 39.95 (not free)  and will allow you to post your jobs to your Facebook profile (whoopdee-doo; unless someone is online at the point your ad scrolls by, they won’t see it), posts it to your Twitter profile (probably a whoop-dee-do if you only have a small number of followers) and cross posts it to SimplyHired.com.

SimplyHired provides the feed for the web jobs offered by that tab on LinkedIn.

So, if someone is searching for a job and is finished searching their skills on LinkedIn, they will automatically be offered jobs from SimplyHired (you can also read resumes on JobMagic’s site on Facebook but, so far, what I have read has been pretty useless).

Not bad, but I don’t know many people who actually search jobs on LinkedIn.

There is a better way–go to the Groups tab and search for a tab representing the skill, function or, perhaps a target firm that you want to hire from, join and post an ad to the group.

Completely free and will be seen by all the members.



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