Connect With Former Managers and Executives NOW!

There are certain times of the year when job hunters can move quickly and find work and certain times when it is extremely hard. This is one of the easy times before we enter a hard time.

Companies that construct their budgets on a calendar year basis are finalizing their budgets for next year RIGHT NOW (November).

That means that this is a time to contact former managers and executives who have moved to new firms to see if their is space in their budget for you as an employee, as a consultant, as a consultant they would hire once the new budget goes into effect next year or can create a slot for in the new budget.

“Jeff, this strategy worked! I called a former manager and he put me on contract and told me that job would open in February and it did! Thank you so much!”

As soon as their budgets are firmed up, they won’t be able to write a job tailored to you into the budget. Once the budget becomes “public,” you losed your advantage of being their early with the wave of responses.

So call or email but don’t waste time.

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