Avoid Job Offer Indecision

More and more frequently, job applicants are having a pleasant problem when they receive a job offer.

What’s the problem?

Choosing between multiple job offers?

Multiple job offers?

“Wow! People are getting multiple job offers,” you say.

Yes. The days of multiple job offers are occuring again in both skilled and unskilled job areas.

And job offers themselves are starting to arrive at salaries that are startling to my eyes with almost 40 years of experience in recruiting.

So how do you decide?

1. Ask great questions during your interview. Too often people go through an interview and fail to ask any relevant questions to help themselves learn more about working for a firm.

2. At the beginning of your job search make sure to write down what is most important to you in your next job and organization as well as what you will need to see and hear in order to know if it is the right place to go to work.

Doing these two things will help you avoid decisionmaking mistakes at a time when you are most confused and vulnerable to error.

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