Should I Hide My Age?

Question. For people over 60 and looking for a job should we consider removing reference to age on websites to better my chances of getting interviews?

I will start this by saying that bigotry of many kinds obviously exists and ageism cuts across all lines.

Let’s also recognize that, accept it and make firms squirm.

That, to me, doesn’t mean removing items from your resume based upon age in terms of relevance.

I’m 65 so when I think in terms of things that I did in 1971 when I graduated college. This could probably be best put on a resume as a summary As you look at your resume, look at relevance rather than age as being the variable.

Would I take off the year of the degree off if I were you– maybe.

But the truth matter is what difference does it make? They’re going to walk in the door to talk to you and and do you think they’re going to say to themselves,”Gee it’s an old guy,” when they see me? Probably.  if they’re going to be bigoted.

If they aren’t going to be bigoted; if they’re going to look at you for your skills and experience, evaluate you for them, and that’s the firm you want to work for.

But why put yourself in an awkward situation?

For me, it’s always better to reveal age and not do stupid interviews with people who are bigoted, rather than put myself in a position where I’m dragging myself to a location to talk to someone who only will give me a courtesy interview because their biases are so profound that they are not going to listen.

I’m going to have to work hard over a  long period of time, knowing there is little chance of getting hired.

Plus, you are probably going to be miserable while working there. Better to get it out of the way.


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