You’re Crazy!!! (VIDEO)

You’re Crazy!!! (VIDEO)

Quitting a job, changing jobs or careers, Often evokes a response from people that suggests, “You’re crazy!” Why is that?


Have you ever tried to quit her job and leave a situation that everyone else thinks is ideal?  It’s safe, secure, you know the ropes… And what happened?

There are people who invariably say, “You are crazy.  You are nuts!  What are you doing?  You’ve got…” Then they list a whole host of things that are ideal about your current situation in their minds, but to you, well, you’ve already made the decision to move on.

There is an old Rumi poem (Rumi was a 6 century Middle Eastern poet) that suggests that when grandma thinks that you should stay in bed and take it easy, we are tempted by this.  Hey father’s stern slap is better for the boy and sends him off to school.

Here, this friend, this colleague is playing like grandma, wanting you to stay in bed.  Pulling the covers over your head and thinking that that is going to take away all the annoyance, all the discomfort in your current situation that has prompted you to look at something else. You’ve explored other alternatives and decide to make a different choice than what you have.

Now, I want to acknowledge that this person is expressing a sign of care.  They think you might get hurt.  On the other hand, is a part of them that doesn’t want to acknowledge their dissatisfaction as well.  After all, we’ve all been conditioned to believe that we all have to live in this pattern of behavior.. This box that leaves us feeling stuck and we don’t see alternatives.  You have found it alternative that you have found satisfying.  You may actually feel excited by this!

Interestingly, it’s not risk-free. You are going to experience a risk by doing this. In addition, you might fail!.  And, you know what? You’ve made that choice.  You might fail AND you might succeed.  And you might finish somewhere between the 2 poles of failure and success in some middle ground where basically you say to yourself, “I’m happy doing this. I didn’t get rich but I’m watching my kids grow up. And, you know, that’s okay.”

I think you have to ask yourself, “Why?  Why are they doing this?”  On the one hand they care and on the other hand you are symbol to them of someone who is leaving prison and getting to the outside and you have made a different choice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re quitting a job, or starting a business for yourself or any number of other things.  You could be changing your career altogether.  I know there are people who have worked in recruiting who hear that I have become a coach and they scratch their head in disbelief.  Frankly, for me, recruiting isn’t satisfactory anymore.  For me, it was worth the risk to take. Because a lifetime is not a long time.  I would like to think that this will all work out very well, I’m hungry to do this, I like helping people in this way.  It’s where my passion is.

For others, it’s okay to do a job and be paid a lot of money. That’s okay.  For me, it’s not enough.  Is it time to consider something else?

What’s not enough for you?

We are you prepared to be crazy in the eyes of other people?  It is important question to ask yourself because it takes away your excuses in your life.  It leaves you with the choice instead of surrendering/capitulating to your situation. You are making purchase decisions.

Again, you can make the conscious decision today and change it 6 months, a year, 2 years from now.  It makes no difference. Make a conscious choice.  Is this current life that you are living a good one?  Are you satisfied with it professionally, personally, the whole thing?

If you think it’s that time, which out to me.  My address is  In the subject line put the phrase, “It’s time to change.”  Let’s set up a time to speak in get to work with one another.

I would love to help you.



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