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What Is Your Greatest Success?

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers one of those classic interview questions and teaches a formula for doing so.


Today, I have an answer to 1 of those tough interview questions that are designed to make you squirm. This 1 is a real simple one because it's a posting question-- Tell me about your greatest achievement. Tell me about your greatest success. It's all the same question.

Here's the formula for answering. In previous videos and podcasts you may have heard me talk about how stories are so delightful for organizations to listen to and understand the circumstances and experience. I had someone rejected for job. He was on a final interview and they complained that he only talked about what he did and he didn't tell us any stories in answering your question. Ridiculous. But that is what firms like it is our obligation to give it to them. Here's the formula for doing.

You talk about the situation you are assigned and the task that you have to do in order to accomplish it. That leads to your accomplishments and what the result was. For example,, if I were talking about myself, "The client approached me about a particular search. They needed 37 positions filled within a particular period of time. " That's the situation I was asked to step into.

What was the test that I did? "I mobilize the team of individuals who are focused purely on doing that search with me coordinating them. I interviewed 25 people a day for 30 days until such time as the client was exhausted by resources. I presented people to them and they start to interview them. The client was absolutely delighted because I was able to get the long way before their required need. They were concerned that they need these 37 people on within 3 months and be too difficult a task to do. I got them on board with 2 1/2 weeks to spare. The e result was great client satisfaction, more opportunities to work on, revenue generated…" And I would give the milestones for what I accomplished.

The situation, the task I undertook, the accomplishments that you had and the results that you had.

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