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Why You Haven’t Gotten Feedback After Your Final Interview (VIDEO)

You are sitting in limbo waiting for feedback after your final interview. What is taking them so long? I offer five reasons for the delay.



This is a video that I am doing that talks about why you haven't gotten feedback after THE FINAL INTERVIEW.

Most people want to hear something immediately. Your excited. You are anxious. You want to hear something. The client or the 3rd party recruiter isn't communicating yet.

Right away, what they are telling you is that there is no decision... Or there is one other option that I will come to later. Most of it is that they haven't made a decision yet in the real question comes down to, "Why? Why has there been no decision after you've been in?"

The 1st possible reason is that you're not the only person that they're bringing back; they are seeing other people. It's you and to others. It's you and 3 others. You are earlier in the process and they have other people to talk with. They are ready communicate yet as to who their choices because they want to see everyone.

This may be a quirky way to explain it but the 2nd reason is that HR hasn't gotten feedback from everyone who is on your dance card yet. It may be one person, the executive who runs the function, and they are just busy. Sometimes it is multiple people and they haven't decided who to choose and written up the plan yet for the decision. Thus, the 2nd reason is they haven't gotten feedback from everyone yet.

The 3rd reason is that they have work to do and they haven't sat down to decide. It's like when you buy a car you've gone to for showrooms and with the 4 different cars, you don't instantly decide, "that's it! I'm going to buy this car!" You'll probably sit down with your wife, husband or partner and evaluate the different merits and demerits of each one and make your choice. They are no different. As much as you like to think of yourself as the perfect person for them to hire, trust me. You're not perfect. They're going to find things that are wrong with you and hammer them out and figure out which person is right.

That leads to the 4th option which is, now that they've met everyone, they have to make a choice and they are butting heads with one another, trying to decide who the choice should be.

Lastly, and this is true of both corporations and third-party recruiters, you have been turned down and they don't want to tell you yet, possibly because you are the number 2 person and if the number 1 choice turns down their offer, they are going to go to you OR it is hard to tell someone that they have been rejected and they don't want to get into the arguments about why you are really the best person so that they hope you just kind of fade away.

I wish it were different, but these are the primary reasons why firms don't give feedback or a decision after the final interview.

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