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Who Would Win a Battle Between Batman and Spiderman? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 703 There are a few ways to answer this question.


NOTE: in the introduction to the show, I said this was a podcast about Batman versus Superman.. It is actually about Batman versus Spider-Man.

This is asking too many interviews, supposedly Stanford University asks this question. I will give you a few different answers to it. Again, the question is, "Who would win the battle between Batman and Spider-Man?"

One way to answer the question is to be confrontational. This is not an ideal way to do it unless you're going up for sales job. If you are, demonstrating that there are nonsense questions that get asked is it the better approach. If that is the case, you might just simply say, "I'm curious. What are you trying to evaluate for by asking this question? I'm happy to answer it, but I'm curious what you think you're going to learn by knowing whether I think Batman or Spider-Man will win a battle. Whether I can analyze the superpowers of the 2 characters and apply them and analyze them… You'll learn one from that?" In terms of sales jobs, that is not a bad answer.

However, for other positions, certainly there are technical roles where appearing to have lots of joy when answering questions like this can go a long way toward getting you hired because they are sending a message with a question like this. The message can be. We want to throw you off your game and see how you respond to it. The message can also be "we are a little goofball around here. So we want to see how you respond to it."

Either way, you have to have a certain amount of clay to your answers so that you can go, "yeah! Batman. Spider-Man. I happened to be Batman fan (or I happened to be a Spider-Man fan) so my spiky senses would anticipate…" And you would go through a certain amount of joy and excitement in answering the question. Especially, for very technical jobs, that is not a bad approach. They are looking for someone who is "geeky." Someone who kind of like stuff like this. Enjoy it! Get off on! Have some fun with it.

Again, in sales jobs, no, I think confronting the question is a good one. I don't think for most positions, like if you are an accountant, or a controller and your asked this question, deathly confronted. What will they learn that actually is useful to them.

In certain professions, be a fan for a second where there is an association with "nerdy" or "geeky" or highly analytical behavior and thought processes. Let them see you get nerdy and geeky and analyze certain superpowers.

At the end of the day. Here's 1 of the fun ways to answer the question-- "I don't think they would ever fight. I think that within a short period of time, they would team up with Robin (if Robin was still alive because Robin has been killed off in the Batman comics). I think they would team up and be a great great crime-fighting duo and never really do battle.

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