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What You Can Learn About Interviewing From Watching a Speaker at a Conference | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

What You Can Learn About Interviewing From Watching a Speaker at a Conference | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 660 Have you ever attended a conference and watched the speaker intently? Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers a few things you can learn from watching a public speaker.



Have you ever gone to a conference and watched the speaker who just impresses the heck out of you? What makes them impressive to you?

Content, of course. Delivery. Style. Wardrobe (wardrobe may be the 1st thing you notice is they walk out to the lectern). Their confident demeanor. There manner. Their knowledge of the subject. The way they present their ideas. All of this is a cohesive package designed to create an effect upon you, the listener that makes you want to listen to them and take home some nuggets from the presentation.

When you interview, do you have that confident demeanor? Do you wardrobe yourself stylishly with well fitting clothing that is not old or considered passé, but it really fits you well and is stylish? Do you demonstrate knowledge of your subject well or do you kind of fumble around?

All of this kind of stuff that the speaker does is designed to help engage you and elicit a response, including the stories that they tell. You need to be as well prepared as a speaker is for your day awake reckoning.

My encouragement to you is (1) get some clothes that look great on you. Make sure they are well fitting and not simple off the rack stuff that makes you look like David Byrne from talking heads with the big shoulder pads. LOL

Great fitting clothing, rehearsing a presentation including all the pauses in it. There are a whole host of little details that will help you with your interviewer and create the connection that will cause you to win their hearts.



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