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What Makes You One of the Best?

What Makes You One of the Best? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 641 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to answer this Pressure interview question, “What makes you one of the best?” 


Last week, I did a video for employers with an interview technique that I have seen many firms use over the course of time where they try to put people on the defensive by asking, "What makes you think you're 1 of the best? Why are you 1 of the best people at what you do?"

That's the advertising, the promotion, that's where the early questions. Here is where becomes particularly tricky. The correct response for a candidate is to talk about what you've done that demonstrates that you are strong. Their response is to say, "That doesn't sound like so much." What they are really looking for you to do is defend yourself because people who have self-confidence and determination and are high performers can answer that question succinctly, to the point and when challenged, they fight for. They don't just simply say, "Oh. Okay."

The classic example is with the salesperson. "What makes you a top performer?"

"Well, I'm a top to performer my current firm. I had among the top sales numbers for…"

"That doesn't sound like such a big deal."

"What! Then you would fight by demonstrating what you've done that stands out from the other salespeople at your firm," instead of saying, "Oh. Okay."

Answering, "Oh. Okay," in response to the question, "What makes you 1 of the best," being dismissed by the employer and accepting that isn't the mark of the top achiever. Top achievers know that they are top achievers. They defend themselves when they are questioned. They battle. They fight. Take care. Just saying, "Oh. Okay," isn't the benchmark of a top performer.


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