What Employers Look for When They Read Your Resume

I think it is extremely simple to figure out how to construct a resume– find out what a company is looking for and tell them that you have done the exact same thing before.

As I tell people, “Pretend a hyperactive 6 year old is going to read your resume– make the fit obvious to them.”

But doing that seems to be too hard for most job hunter to do because they keep flipping the same resume over and over again to every job ad they see as though that will get them lots of interviews . . . which it won’t.

Why do I say that? Because the broken watch is right twice a day and sending the same resume to every job ad is like the broken watch–it will get you some results but you can do better.


Firms only care about relevant work that you have done within the past few years that fits what they are looking for. Copy and paste the requirements of the job into the body of the resume where you have performed the task specified. Then, detail what you have done in that chronological section of your resume that explains the experience you have that relates to the specification even if you use the same or similar language to what is in the job description.

Next remove extraneous information that has no relevance to the position you want to interview for.

Doing this will make the employer feel confident that interviewing you will not be a waste of time.

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