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What Does It Mean When They Say “We Have a Finalist And Are Moving to an Offer” (VIDEO)

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As usual, I answer this in a no BS kind of way.


Here, I have a question from someone that I think is a great question. What does it mean when they say, "We have a finalist and are moving to an offer?"

My answer is very simple. You didn't get the job. They have chosen someone else. The result winds up being that for now, unless you vest a follow-up question, you don't know if you're the 2nd place finisher or the 22nd Pl. finisher.

It doesn't mean that this person has accepted a job offer. They are going to be making an offer to this person. For now, you are out of luck. You didn't get the job. It is really that simple. They have said explicitly. "We have a finalist." If it were you, they would tell you that you are the winner and that they were making you an offer soon. They didn't say that. They are moving to an offer and they are politely letting you down now because they think they will have an acceptance.

What you could have done and can still do is call the recruiter involved in say, "Do you know, if I finish 2nd or further back?" In this way, you can see if there is any hope. Lord knows, firms do make bad offers that are turned down.

The fact of the matter is you are out of luck here and you have to keep looking.

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