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What Do I Do If I Have Lost Contact With Past Employers and References? (VIDEO)

What Do I Do If I Have Lost Contact With Past Employers and References? (VIDEO)

The original question (which I share) was actually the wrong question. Here answer the right question and try to help someone take action.


The original question I received is, "If you've lost touch with employers and past references, is there still hope for you as a job seeker?"

As you can see, I changed the question to, "What do I do if I lost contact with past employers and references?"

However, what is most revealing is the actual question.

"All is lost."

"I am doomed."

Stop it. Seriously, stop it. You've got a brain. Pause for a second and say, "if I were to try and find my best friend who I haven't spoken with in 5 years, what what I do?" The answer is you would look for them on Facebook. You would look for them on LinkedIn. You will go online. Why is this any different?

The fact of the matter is that it isn't any different. In order to reestablish contact with people that you haven't been in contact with for a while, you start by asking yourself, "Where did they tell me they lived, again?" Then you would do a Google search.

"Where did we work together?" Then he went to a LinkedIn search and look for them by name and "Current or Past Employers," and obviously this would be a past employer. You can always do a Facebook search and see if you can connect with them and then drop them a quick note and say, "I'm so sorry that I have been out of the loop for a while. I wanted to reach back out to you. Do you have a few minutes to speak? How can I get a hold of you?"

Just make the contact!. You may feel uncomfortable doing it. Get over it! They are human being who may need you at some point, right?

Be flexible. Be friendly. Acknowledge that you would like to do it differently in the future. Reach out to them using online tools. You will find them. It's not that hard.

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