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What Can Replace LinkedIn? (VIDEO)

I want to answer someone’s question about what can replace LinkedIn as a tool for the job hunters. I also addressed this from the standpoint of small business owners and solopreneurs.


Someone asked me a question I thought would be useful one for people to hear the answer to because I think it is such a remarkably underutilized resource for people, whether you are in, job hunting mode, you are a business owner… Whatever it is, people need to start thinking a little bit differently.

The question I received from someone is, "What can replace LinkedIn?" People of gotten to the point where they think of LinkedIn as a stilted platform that doesn't feel comfortable and, although it remains the best platform for job hunters, for business owners, it's a little bit different and not as ideal as the alternative is.

What can be an alternative to LinkedIn whether you're a job hunter or a business owner, you are a solopreneur . . . Whoever you are? What can help in the business world differently than LinkedIn?

I think the real alternative to people despite the attitude that some have is Facebook. Facebook does a lot of things extremely well. I'm not the look at from a marketers perspective; I will look at from a user's perspective. From a job hunter perspective, you have the opportunity connect with people on Facebook that you find, perhaps on LinkedIn, perhaps you read about them, perhaps you meet a conference and start building a personal relationship and a business relationship, too.

Historically, Facebook was for your personal life and LinkedIn was for your professional life . However, I think the perceived limitations is now "self-perceived all self-perceived at this point and Facebook is trying to make inroads into the professional world in many different ways.

For example, they know me job postings available for people so if you're trying to fill a job, you can now posted on Facebook for free. More of you should be looking for those jobs on Facebook and applying to hiring managers or firms through Facebook rather than purely through LinkedIn.

Groups on LinkedIn are not great anymore.They have died the death that Yahoo and Google groups have died. They are just less effective in so many different ways.On Facebook, they are vital. There is a life to them that is very different. Facebook has encouraged this summary different ways.

I want to encourage you to start looking at Facebook as an alternative and start looking at Facebook as an alternative for building relationships with people who, right now, you don't necessarily know. Start building relationships with people you know, somewhat, but don't necessarily know well. Start cultivating the personal and begin extending it into the business.

For business owners, you already know that. Facebook allows you do a lot of different things to target users. I think in terms of the relationship. For example,If you are a solopreneur, there are groups that you can join on Facebook that will allow you to start networking With other business people in your area So that you can start giving and receiving referrals.

Why not do that? Why not start thinking of Facebook like an online Chamber of Commerce for you? If you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, you want to connect with others. If you think of Facebook is the place where you are constantly screaming, "Use my services,"You are going to blow it.No one wants to hear you say, "Hire me!"That's certainly true of job hunters.

Facebook is a relationship place. It's a place where you can cultivate relationships pretty easily so that people want to hear your views (that's certainly true service professionals) and they want to hire you.

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  1. Was going to ask your opinion about hard sell second tier recruiters. Noticing the early 1990s are back with high pressure tactics, including the need to provide multiple managerial references before these reps will even talk to you. I was even pressured to reveal where else i was interviewing (haven’t heard that since 1995). Getting the feeling the reps are well trained in what seemed like interrogation tactics, and they were programmed to hang up when I politely declined their line of questioning. Are you seeing this in your field reports?

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