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What are some of the direct ways to actually get a job without the mambo jumbo stuff?


The question for today is what are direct ways to get a job without the mumbo-jumbo stuff. That’s the way the question was phrased to me and I decided make the headline for this show an abbreviated version. So I will highlight two ways and invite you to add others to the list in the comments area.

The two ways I’m going to recommend are (number one) contact friends; maybe friend can hire you. Friends, obviously, who are in positions of authority, have the ability to hire people into jobs.

The second way, and this is the indirect why which isn’t necessarily going to instantly result in you getting a job, is by being referred by a friend or former colleague who is able to say positive things about you to hiring manager. This requires, of course, that you have friends (number one), that they are working, that there working at firms that are hiring, and that they have a relationship with the hiring manager. Even if they don’t have a relationship with the hiring manager, they can refer you and to the employee referral program. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn has a system in place where if a firm is advertising a job on their platform and the firm has engaged this service, the employee can recommend you if you’re connected to them.

So what you are able to do is contact your friend through LinkedIn, say “I saw your firm is hiring someone. If your firm has an employee referral program, why don’t you recommend me or submit me to the job on LinkedIn.” They are able to do that. Now the mechanics of that, I don’t know, but you can research that if you want to.

The idea becomes because you are referral, you are running with a certain amount of a halo around you as being someone qualified for the job. If you are qualified for the job! If you are a doorman at a building or lawnskeeper applying for software engineering job, obviousl you are not qualified and have no shot. But, assuming that you meet the basic qualifications of the role, your friend is able to recommend you, your former colleague is able to recommend you and the result winds up being, because you arrive with social proof of the fact that your qualified, your advantaged over the absolute stranger. So where possible, it is always better to be referred by someone who is known to the hiring manager, not HR, but the hiring manager so that they can recommend you versus coming in out of the cold. Coming in as just an ad response are filling in an application on applicant tracking system.


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