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Weeds (VIDEO)

Seeing a photo a friend posted, I talk about how small business owners can use an ally.


A friend of mine posted something on Facebook today-- I picture of a weed coming up through the stone on the path. It was a resilient hearty weed.

What I think of a lot of smart self-employed people, their working really hard and trying really hard and created a really demanding job from which they are hitting their heads against the wall. Their lives are suffering and all they know is what they're doing, like a weed, they stand proudly in the path,surrounded, not paying attention to any the signals in the path that say to it, "You know, we really don't want you here." Like the defiant old man raging against the storm, they keep raging against the heavens, trying.

In US business, we tend to idolize these people but at the same time there are a lot of deficiencies that show up for them, there's a lot of suffering they go through. If you're 1 of the self-employed people who is going through that, I will simply say that you don't have to do it by yourself. There are ways that you can work with a coach (by the way, I would be happy to help you) to help you sort things through so that maybe it doesn't have to be so hard, difficult, painful, or take as long as it does.

Maybe there are some tweaks may be some tweaks along the way. Maybe radical change.. Maybe there is something within you that maybe you could be looking at differently the make life more secure and pleasant for you.

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