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To Whom Do You Address Your Cover Letter? (VIDEO)

This is a trick question. Let me explain why.


On this video, I want to answer someone's question about cover letters. The question is, "To whom do I address my cover letter?"

I think of this is a trick question. That's because I have to ask, what is a cover letter in the age of email? If you are sending an attachment, if you think Anyone is going to open that file to read your attachment, you are kidding yourself. What we will read is the body of them by email And, as such, that is the home of cover letters these days.

The 2nd thing I want to point out is to whom you do you dress it? You don't know who you're going to send it to? You're going to send it to "the HR department?" Do you think you're supposed to address that, "Dear HR Department?" Do you know how many people work there?You send your resume to a major American corporation and address it that way? How many people do you think working HR at J.P. Morgan Chase for example? Or Boeing? Or pick the name of another large firm? Ask them who you are supposed to address it to! Don't just ask randomly like this question is. As for the name of the person is responsible for recruiting for the particular type of position.

Here is the next part of the trick.You shouldn't be sending your cover letter and resume to HR. You should be sending it to the hiring manager.You want to find out the name of the hiring manager who is coordinating the search for the position you want to apply for. You don't want to be sending it to HR. You don't want to be sending it to the applicant tracking system for it to review. You want don't want to do that because you put the data Too far back in the resume and gave it the idea that the experience that you have isn't current enough. You always want to be finding the hiring manager.

Don't know who it is? Easy. Find the kind of job it is, Get on LinkedIn, if you're not connected with the person who it is, go to Search until you can find someone who is responsible for that function. Then, use a chrome extension called Prophet. Generally, it will return email addresses for people even if you are not connected with them on LinkedIn.

Again, that is and a chrome extension called Prophet. You'll get the email address to send your resume to them. To find that person, that is on you to find in figure out.. NEVER EVER apply for jobs doing applicant tracking system And, really, if you can avoid it, skip HR. They can decide who to reject, but they cannot decide who to hire.

No disrespect. I have known a lot of fabulous HR people but it is not their job to hire. Their job is to manage the firm's human resources. To translate, in this particular case, the recruiter Acts as an "screener" Not someone who hires.

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2 thoughts on “To Whom Do You Address Your Cover Letter? (VIDEO)

  1. Ok yes that H.R. that’s obvious to all now a days although hiring managers
    always will refer you and redirect you to H.R and avoid you lol You are
    right they can reject they cant hire but what law says so?

  2. Ok yes that H.R. that’s obvious to all now a days although hiring managers always will refer you and redirect you to  H.R and avoid you lol You are right they can reject they cant hire but what law says so?

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