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Three Cover Letter Rules | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses three rules for writing cover letters you must employ.


I see cover letters all the time and people foolishly send them as a separate attachment. No one is ever going to open a separate attachment. They go right to the attachment that looks like it's going to be the resume.

They make the mistake of addressing it as, "Dear Human Resources Manager" or "Dear Recruiter," or some generic introduction like that. Don't do that.

Number 1, put your cover letter into the body of the email so that no attachment is necessary for it. Number 2. Don't address anyone. Once you are addressing it to do so and so and got out with a real person is and using a generic introduction, it gives the impression of it being a form letter. Don't do it.

Third, 3 paragraphs.

The 1st one is an introduction and explains why you are sending the email. The 2nd paragraph is to lay out what it is about your background that you fits what they are looking for. 3rd is you do a closing. The closing should be something along the lines of what you are going to follow up.

"If I don't hear from you I will give you a call the day after tomorrow to see if you might be interested in scheduling an appointment. Really very simple.

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