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There Is More Than One Way (VIDEO)

Although we like to think of our way as being the best, in fact, there are many very good ways to do something. I was reminded of this. After doing an interview with Mac Prichard of “Find Your Dream Job.”


The title of this video is, "There Is More Than One Way." The full expression is one that I didn't want to encourage which is why did make it the title of the video is "there is more than one way to skin a cat."

I hate the expression. I used to be a cat owner in the past; I had 9 of them. I don't want to do anything that suggests that might endorse the kind of behavior.

The saying came to mind after appearing on Mac Prichard's podcast, "Find Your Dream Job." Mac is a very even keeled man from Oregon. He runs several businesses, but the one that relates here is Mac's List. He makes information available to a community of people, puts on a podcast and helps job hunters. He charges employers to post positions and offers a number of services as well.

I came onto his podcast appeared with my usual energy. For those of you watch or listen to me for any length of time, I am not a calm and collected individual like Mac is on the air. Most of the time of the high-energy New York type personality. I don't live in New York anymore so I can't claim to be a New Yorker. I live in Asheville, North Carolina now. That kind of case is much more akin to my personality now. When I get on someone else's show. I crank it up to where it was in the old days.

Mac was very gracious. He loved my interview as did his team. He was kind enough to write a review of my 2 podcasts; I reciprocated by writing a review of his show, not out of obligation, but because it's good.

I wrote back to him as we exchanged pleasantries and said, "It is very obvious that we have different personalities and that's okay. We approach this, me with my energy which tends to be high-octane and high energy and you with you more even keeled approach AND they both work."

I think as we get on in life, we tend to believe that we are right because it works for us. We tend to apply that "knowledge" to other people and other situations. We keep thinking our way is right. Our way is the best way because it works for us. We try to apply it to other people and other situations. So we keep thinking our way is right and we are right and it just leaves us unhappy when we don't get our way. And when others see things differently. We can become like infants throwing a tantrum.

Let me simply say that this was a great reminder for me that there is more than one way to approach a situation. Mac show is terrific, but it is not the show that I would put on. When I did a 30 minute interview show, mine fit my personality; his fits his. We each serve different audiences and he does a great job.

Think of it from that perspective, that your way is not always "the right way." Your way is not always "the perfect way." There are many ways that the message can get out to people. You can help folks, make a living, and be successful.

This is a good lesson I thought I would share.

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