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P 788 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter poses a situation to you and asks whether you should take the bet.


I'm going to label this is tough interview question, but it is really ridiculously easy;. Here's the scenario. You go to a party with a friend. There are 10 people there including you and your friend. Your friend makes you a bet. For every person who has the same birthday as you, you get a dollar. For every person who doesn't have the same birthday as you, he gets $2. Should you take this bet?

I don't know what makes this tough. I know what sex people out about this question because it is ridiculously easy to the point of where you have to ask yourself, "Is it that obvious?" The answer is, "It is that obvious ."

The answer is, "No," you don't take the bet." Here's why.

The statistical probability is one in 365 that some will have the same birthday as you. The reverse is someone not having the same birthday as you 364/365. Unless you know in advance when someone's birthday is, unless you know there are some people there with the same birthday as you, don't take the bet.

Again, it is 1 of these dumb questions firms like to ask. I don't know why . Except maybe to psych you out with how obvious it is.

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