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The Voice in Your Head | The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast

There is a voice in my head and in other people’s heads that claims to be looking out for us. It’s strategy doesn’t work.


Welcome to The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, the Big Game Hunter. I'm called The Big Game Hunter because I coach people and organizations to play BIG!.

Recently, I was coaching someone who missed a with me. We scheduled it. It was confirm and he just didn't show up. I texted and called and he didn't respond. As it was coming up on our next session, that morning, I texted him and said I don't know if we have a session this evening. Let me know. Whatever you decide is fine.

He responded by letting me know he wanted the session and I start by asking what happened? He started to talk about how he was embarrassed, that he miscalculated his finances and when he was due to be paid. It wasn't just me that was affected but was others.

I'll simply fast-forward and say he listened to that voice in his head that was so powerful from a time earlier in life where he got the message that he was a screw up.

And then you the result of this is, that on the one hand, he feels like a screwup and then he doesn't take action and that he feels like a screw up because he missed the call. The result winds up being that he is in a no-win position. He fed that part of his mind that was there to protect him from screwing up but, of course, had now put them into the loop of screwing up and feeling embarrassed about it.

There was no way to win.

I bring up the story because each of us, shall we say, wants to think of ourselves as perfect, but we aren't. We strive for excellence or should be striving for excellence, not perfection.

As human beings we make mistakes. That's the reality to it.. We want to improve from it, learning our lessons but not going into punishment mode, not punishing ourselves for making mistakes, but learning from them and growing. I'm that way; I suspect many of you listen to this are that same way, too.

I just want to encourage you if you notice that pattern for yourself, your version of what this guy goes through, and what I go through, pause for a second and go, "Huh! It's that voice again. It wants me to be perfect. It was to protect me from something, but it really isn't doing a particularly good job."

Start working at coming up with a different strategy for yourself because all that happens for this guy, and perhaps from you, is that he winds up being in a bind where he can't win. Where he becomes embarrassed that he didn't talk to the other person and take proactive steps to let people know that there was a problem and you will look out for himself in this way, you see that voice claims to look out for him look out for himself in this way.

You see, that voice claims to look out for him, but it really doesn't. That's the problem to it.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked in recruiting for what seems like one hundred years. He is the head coach for and He is the host of “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast,” “No BS Job Search Advice,” and “Job Search Radio.”

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