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The Post-Interview Checklist

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EP 793 Here’s a checklist of things to do after an interview.


Most of the time, when Holly and other people do videos about interviewing, we talk about either the preparation for the interview or the process of the interview, how to answer questions better, how to be more effective in the room, etc.. But there's a part that takes place after the interview and I think it gets neglected.

Everyone knows about thank you letters... But I don't think that's really the 1st place to start. You see, after the interview, what I want you to do, when you get back to your computer, I want to sit down and write down a few notes.

The 1st question I wanted you to answer for yourself is, "Why do you think you can do this job?" Again, this is for yourself.

2. "Why do you think you want this job?"
3. "What about the position or the firm is attractive or interesting to you?"
4. "What red flags came up as a result of the interview?"
5. "What questions do you still want answered?"
6. "Do you want to continue interviewing for this position?"

I don't want you to start at the end; I really want to go to the individual steps. What I see happen over the course of time is that people's thoughts or feelings a better organization or about a position start to dissipate. They forget these questions. They forget their initial impressions. They forget a lot of things that are taking place. By writing it down and saving it, you have a resource that you can refer to before the 2nd interview and, let's say you get to the offer stage and you have multiple choices. You can go to the process of reviewing your answers. Each of these questions for each firm and what has taken place afterwards, not just after a 1st interview, but after the 2nd interview, after a third interview, you do this process so that everything is fresh, it is a reference point for you and you can move on.

Again, I do want you to send thank you letters that are really very simple. A thank you letters basically going to be an email that starts off by thanking them for making time to meet with you, talking about your interest in the position, reviewing what you learned and how your background matches up to it, and indicating that you're interested in moving ahead for the next step.

In reviewing your answers to each question, the last one is, "Do you want to continue interviewing for this position?" I want you to keep doing that one more round if you have a "no," to that question. The reason is that you may have missed on something, you may be confused about something in the next meeting will clarify it.

Again, don't close doors on this round; close the math the next round. If you are still not satisfied.

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