The Most Important Lesson from a Recession Plus Five More

The job market started to slow down in March, 2001, and was about to exit recession in August, 2001, when terrorists destroyed The World Trade Center. In the aftermath, millions of people lost their jobs and struggled for years to find work.

Because the job market collapse was so sudden and so deep, few were prepared for what happened.

That should never be the case with you.

You see, the most important lesson I can give you from the last recession is this:

1. Make sure you have a functioning network of resources in place in case you need it. Connect with as many people as you can on LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Xing and any other social network sites that you can but do not overestimate their value.

2. Exchange personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers with co-workers and former co-workers.

3. Stay in “good graces” with as many leaders in your organization and former organizations as you can.

4. Have lunch with someone new and/or different every day.

5. Write your resume.

6. Get involved with a networking group proactively.

Don’t wait for a crisis to take action.


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