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The Companion Mistakes People Make in Their Resume | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses mirrors mistakes people make with your resume.


The 1st mistake is being way too vague. In being vague, it's almost like you don't think you have enough to say so you use large fonts, flowery language... Vagueness to describe what you did and how you went about doing it. I remember being in high school and had assignment for school; I did read a lot of literature but I knew a little bit of the Bible and use terms like, "thee," and, "thine" that I thought were signs of intelligence and sophistication. Of course, all I did was show. I was foolish.

Sometimes, job hunters get very vague and what they describe and the impact is you can't demonstrate that you fit the role by being vague. All you do is obscure your knowledge.

The other thing that people do is the exact opposite-- they get too complex and almost "micro describe" every little bit of minutia that they have been involved with. The result winds up being people's eyes glaze over. You just want to go to sleep when you read these things. Not only that, they go to small font-- 8 point fonts and sometimes 7 point, font! You can't read these things. Maybe the applicant tracking system can but, even there, some can't.

You have to balance this out. 10 point. 11 point. 12 point tops! Those of the right font sizes to use (12 is a more common size). If you use a 10 point font, that gives you a little bit of play.

Be direct as you talk about what you have done and how you went about doing it your resume.. Anything else will waste your time and theirs.

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