The Bear

A story, mostly true, about the opening of a camp.


Most of this story is true. I listen to me last night and maintain a liberty or two along the way and retelling it.

I was listening to a man who runs a camp talk about the first day of camp. He was in his office as the cancer being dropped off, about 300 campers plus parents and grandparents, figure about 1000 people are coming into the parking lot saying goodbye to the kids for the summer.

He received a call from one of the counselors who he knows to be a prankster saying, “there’s a bear and a tree next to the parking.”

“No, tell me the truth.”

“There’s a bear in a tree next to the parking lot.”

I from the camp director knows that if he diverts people to a different direction, he will be answering questions from 350 pairs of parents and grandparents I want to know what’s going on.

Regards the parking lot and finds the truly, looks up and, yes, there is a bear there. Four paws dangling down, sound asleep.

He decides to station a counselor nearby and deflect people away from the area, thus avoiding all the questions being asked. The bear continues to sleep, everyone goes on their merry way, everything is fine.

In telling the story my friend continue to by saying (and I think it’s a lovely point), when you think about it, when you meet a bear, what do you try to do?

The idea with the bear is to get as big as you can and as loud as you can and is while this you can, knowing that most of the time you will chase the bearer way.

It begs the question, “What about the Bears in your life?” You know, those big bogeyman that wrestle with your mind. Should you let them sleep or should you scare them away?

What would really work best in your life?

When you think about it, there are lots of berries that are rumbling around in your life that live in your head and cause you a lot of distraction. They keep you awake at night and keep you from having the life that you want and keep you from making the choice that you know you need to make.

It’s a great metaphor; I hope you enjoyed it.

So remember, sometimes let the bear sleep but many times, you need to get BIG and scared off before it eats you up.


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