How Can I Quit a New First Job? (VIDEO)

I just started a couple weeks ago, but I have been offered a better job. How can I quit this job without hard feelings from my boss? I promised her I would work holidays and now I feel really flaky to just quit…This is my first job so I am really inexperienced.



The question for today is, “How can I gracefully with a new 1st job?  I just started a few weeks ago and have been offered a better job.  How can I quit this job without hard feelings from my boss?  I promised her I would work holidays and now I feel really flaky quitting. This is my 1st job  and I am really inexperienced. This happens quite often for beginners.  This is not the 1st time I proceed to question like this from someone and I decide to answer this

You cannot control your boss’s reaction.  Your boss is going to react if she reacts and is nothing to do with you.

How can you minimize it?  

With sincerity.

You can walk into your boss’s office and say, “Can I see you for a few minutes on Friday afternoon?”  Sit down with her and say, “I‘m not sure how to do this well, so I apologize and I am quitting my job.  A dream position I interviewed for before has come through, something I have always wanted to do.  I cannot let go by.  I’m giving you my notice and my last day of employment will be at the end of this week, next week, whenever it is.

You are supposed to give 2 weeks notice, but if your employer needs you there sooner, then, you have to do it.  If yours, if your boss responds with anger or upset, loudness (WHAT!)  And some sort of barking at you, just take it.  Don’t respond.  Listen to it.

If she demands answers from you, “Listen, I understand that you are upset. I can’t let this go by; I am 22 years old.  I don’t want to wake up when I was 52 and wondering what I should have done when I was 22 and wondering whether I made the right choice.  This is what I’ve always wanted to do.  It came in like a bolt out of the blue.  I interviewed for this months before we talked  and now it’s here.  I didn’t expect it ever to arrive when they called me.

“They should have told you sooner!”

“I agree.  Unfortunately, they were not ready to do that.  Now that they have, I’m going to be following up and taking the job offer. I’m so sorry if this catches you short but this really surprised the heck out of me. As I said, my last day is going to be” 

and you tell her the data again. Hand her a letter of resignation at that time. Don’t quit until you have an offer letter in hand from your new employer.

Go out there and be spectacular during your last few days with this firm. It’s distressing, I know, but you have to take it because you are upsetting them. Let them have their upset. Don’t take anything personally. You made a choice. It was the right choice for you. It has an impact on them. AND you will probably never see these folks again.

Good luck in your new job.



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